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Corey Godfrey


Textile, yarn artist


Dallas, TX

Artist bio

Corey Godfrey is German born, practicing artist, who has lived in Dallas for over 15 years. She completed her art education in drawing and painting at the University of North Texas, where she received her BFA in 2008.  While studying, she began experimenting in “craft” mediums, until she uncovered her true love, yarn.  In using yarn, she is reflecting the strength in a craft connected historically with women.  Corey’s subjects of her works reflect imagery that links back to her dreams, which have continuously been the starting point for each of her series, since she began as an artist.


Her current artistic practice, using yarn as her primary medium, is driven by a desire to showcase strength and beauty in all women and the connection between females and nature, all of which endure immense environmental obstacles to reveal their true forms. Abundant in color and full of various textures, the material and subjects are truly celebrated in every piece. The viewer is invited to get close to the works and feel the sense of “home” that each work provokes.

Corey works as an artist, assistant producer and administrative assistant for a public arts organization.  She continues to grow her social connection and activism within the Dallas community.

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Brands & collaborations


SemosMauldin Art Consultancy

Kettle Art

Art Conspiracy

The Other Art Fair


The Belmont Hotel

The Magnolia Gallery


Raw Dallas

The Rising Gallery

Ross-Akard Gallery



Image by Jon Tyson
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