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Haylee Ryan


Murals, fine art


Dallas, TX

Artist bio

Ryan’s work invokes nostalgia and wrestles with the concept of memory through the figure. Through a balance of spontaneity, abstraction, and realistic care, her work attempts to visually portray how we remember people, places, and moments. What do we block out and what stands out in full detail? Ryan’s work strives to capture people who are not typically shown or who may have been forgotten.  She would like to give everyday people a platform to be considered beautiful and spark a curiosity about their story.


Haylee Ryan is from Dallas, TX and has her BA in Studio Art - Painting from the University of Dallas, 2008.  She has continues to pursue fine art through commissioned paintings and gallery shows, apprentice under inspiring artists, and create murals locally, nationally, and internationally.  In 2020, she had the honor of giving her first TEDtalk on “beauty and memory through visual art.”

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Brands & collaborations



Arca Continental - CocaCola

Ryman Hospitalities - Blake Shelton 

NationStar (Mr. Cooper)


Urbanology - HGTV Designer of the Year 2021

Coury Hospitality

Hotel Vin

Holdsworth Center

Deep Ellum Foundation

Kessler Theater

City of Garland

Prevarian Companies

Pulp Designs

Kips Bay

Common Desk

Gordon Highlander Construction

Exxir Hospitality Group

Modern Luxury Dallas

Articulation Art



Image by Jon Tyson
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